Leave-taking 2: videopoem

Yesterday’s poem was sparked by the footage included here, of a true katydid on the side of my house about a week ago. The music by Peder Norrby (rymdenmusic on Soundcloud) is licensed Attribution-Only under the Creative Commons. I’m experimenting with delivering a poem via text rather than voiceover in a videopoem, but I think I have a ways to go.

I’ll leave it to readers/viewers to decide what the poem means — I’m not really sure myself how best to interpret the last lines. But I will say that I was thinking about idol-worship, or what the Buddhists call upādāna (attachment, clinging, grasping).

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  1. Is that a mite tooling around on the katydid’s legs? visible from about 25″ in? I thought at first it was the shadow of its antennae being blown in the wind.

  2. I love this, Dave, all of it, and I prefer reading the poem rather than hearing it in this case. The only problem is that when the words are at the bottom of the screen, they are almost wholly hidden by the control bar (or whatever that strip is called). Maybe you can move the bar down, or the text up?

    1. If you move your mouse off the video, the control bar should disappear after a second or two. You can also expand it to full screen by clicking the icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

      Thanks for the feedback on the experience of reading rather than hearing in this case. It definitely makes for a more meditative relationship with the poem, I think.

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