The unknown sea

To Westminster; and at the Privy Seal I saw Mr. Coventry’s seal for his being Commissioner with us, at which I know not yet whether to be glad or otherwise. So doing several things by the way, I walked home, and after dinner to the office all the afternoon. At night, all the bells of the town rung, and bonfires made for the joy of the Queen’s arrival, who came and landed at Portsmouth last night. But I do not see much thorough joy, but only an indifferent one, in the hearts of people, who are much discontented at the pride and luxury of the Court, and running in debt.

The sea I miss
I know not:
the otherwise things,
the way of ice,
all the bells and bonfires,
the land at night.
I do not see much:
only an indifferent heart.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Thursday 15 May 1662.

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