Arguments with destiny: 12

“Dammit, matter just doesn’t last…” ~ Amy Gerstler

So much talk to learn, so much

Every few months we thin
the coffers in our temples.

It isn’t considered rebellious
to give up the idols

we slicked and thickened with lard
through the year: for the guide said,

They have served their purpose.
They have given of their purchased

good. We are told to try
to act like too much

doesn’t matter. After all,
there is no longer need to collect

water from a cactus leaf, no need
to crisp the wings of insects

for food. But when I regard the wires
of their copper-like remnants, I feel

I have let them down; I miss
the quiet chirring;

and beneath the trees at evening,
the small lights they once let flicker.

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