Economizing measures

At the office all the morning, much business; and great hopes of bringing things, by Mr. Coventry’s means, to a good condition in the office. Dined at home, Mr. Hunt with us; to the office again in the afternoon, but not meeting, as was intended, I went to my brothers and bookseller’s, and other places about business, and paid off all for books to this day, and do not intend to buy any more of any kind a good while, though I had a great mind to have bought the King’s works, as they are new printed in folio, and present it to my Lord; but I think it will be best to save the money.
So home and to bed.

I bring things to hunt,
meet others
in books
and tend a mind
printed in ink
to save money.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Tuesday 10 June 1662.

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