Having been exceedingly disturbed in the night with the barking of a dog of one of our neighbours that I could not sleep for an hour or two, I slept late, and then in the morning took physic, and so staid within all day.
At noon my brother John came to me, and I corrected as well as I could his Greek speech to say the Apposition, though I believe he himself was as well able to do it as myself. After that we went to read in the great Officiale about the blessing of bells in the Church of Rome.
After that my wife and I in pleasant discourse till night, then I went to supper, and after that to make an end of this week’s notes in this book, and so to bed.
It being a cold day and a great snow my physic did not work so well as it should have done.

having been the barking dog
that could not sleep

I believe as well as a bell
in the discourse of snow

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Sunday 15 January 1659/60. (See the original erasure.)

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