Indio Lindo

How long is the wait to get on a list?

Are we able to verify that everyone on the reservation
was actually repatriated?

While it is true we know of at least two
brain specimens kept in jars and sent away for further study,
what has been done with the other body parts?

What of the heart, the ankle joint, the fingers
that beat the brass gongs?

How many (real, not acted out) funerals were held on the fairgrounds,
which fairgoers marveled at for their verisimilitude?

Are you tired of my questions? I ask the same ones,
only changing the approach.

Don’t tell me the one about how 300 lbs. of dog meat
were ordered daily from the pound.

Exhibit A: I brought back a pair of mother of pearl earrings, etched
with geometric designs, carefully beaded. They look contemporary.

Exhibit B: The intricate weave in this fabric is impossible
to reduce to mere algorithm.

No one handed out 3D glasses back then, to be recycled after viewing.
Hell yes, every one you gawked at there was real.


In response to Via Negativa: Late love song.

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