The secret lives of things

Don’t throw away
that fishbone, it has magical
properties— you could slyly
drop it on the head of someone
in the throes of a choking fit
and it will work exactly
like an amulet or a magnet
to extricate the offending
object that went down
(most likely another
fishbone). I have seen this
happen at least once,
and firmly believe the world
is full of objects with hidden
miraculous powers. Something
comes when needed. Such
stunning serendipity—
Bristle after bristle
planted on a boar’s-hair
brush, each short row
identical to the others.
A string will slice
a hard-boiled egg in half.
A jelly jar can work
as hot water bottle.
Pick up that copper penny
from the ground. Listen
for the lucky sound
like rain or thunder.


In response to Via Negativa: Taking chances.

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