Flood City

This is the street
that yesterday had a four-

way intersection. The side
roads ferry a flotilla

of migrant ducks.
The students are happy

that classes have been canceled;
they get to wear their cute

raincoats and wellies
in jellybean colors;

and the coffee shop
is still open, serving cups

of coffee and soup.
Meanwhile if you parked

in a lot that historically
swells with more than six

inches of water, don’t be
surprised to find your car

either submerged or carried
away. I stay indoors

in my house on this island,
and you stay in yours. Meanwhile

the mailman wades with his bag
of letters, his parcels

that he wraps in plastic
before leaving them at the door.

Meanwhile, we listen to the news.
We know it must be really bad

if the Navy moves its fleet
out to the open sea.


In response to Via Negativa: Rainy season.

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