Word Search

Do you know those squares crammed
with letters where you have to find

hidden words— across, up, down, diagonally,
in reverse? The first one your eye lights on

supposedly tells of your most scintillating
trait. But I doubt you’ll find (1) second

language speaker (2) foreign born (3) rice-
eater (4) linked to endemic infections

(5) I thought you were the maid or (6)
I hope your family isn’t in the path

of the latest hurricane. In fact,
there are no words over five

letters. You won’t be able to talk
about catastrophe, the feudal

agrarian economy, or who owns
the Spratly Islands. But there are

other words, words waiting
like mines in a field for you

to touch them, and then they implode:
Hinge. Home. Ginger flower. Monsoon.

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