Some facts about water

It takes numerous forms,
not just some flat expanse

where the moon looks at itself
from time to time: for instance,

a liter bottle of soda, a plastic tub
that used to hold a gallon of ice cream;

a tin drum in the yard, mouth open
to the rain gutter. They say hair

washed in this water is softer.
That a body sudsed in rain remembers

what it used to be before hurt.
Salt pours itself into a glass.

Sugar does the same. Water’s impervious
to their charms and keeps its own

counsel. Once, in a far-flung town,
a singer asked where she could get a sip

of water to cool her parched throat
before a performance; they led her

to a bathroom. I don’t know what
happened. I don’t know if the song

held more of the need to be quenched or if,
obedient, it took the shape of that moment.

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