Nominations (and mini reviews) wanted for best poetry books of 2016

What was the best book of poetry you read this year, and what did you like about it? I’d like to do a crowd-sourced list here at Via Negativa, in lieu of the more typical kind of end-of-year lists where the editors choose everything themselves. It doesn’t have to be a book published this year, or a book you’ve never read before, just a book that you read in its entirety this year and found exceptional. You don’t have to be a poet yourself; anyone who loves poetry and regularly reads it for pleasure is welcome to take part. Please EMAIL ME (bontasaurus at yahoo dot com) with “Best poetry book” or something similar in the subject line.

The fine print: You can write anything from a few words to a short paragraph extolling the book. Only one book, please—no ties! It can be a book of any length (including chapbooks/pamphlets), with single or multiple authors, up to and including anthologies. Translations are fine, as are books in languages other than English. If you include the full title and author’s name I can probably find a link on the publisher’s website, or elsewhere if it’s out of print. But if you have a blog or website that you’d like me to link to, please include that URL in your email. Let’s make the deadline Thursday the 15th.

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