Carnal knowledge

(Lord’s day). Lay long in bed, and then up, and being desirous to perform my vowes that I lately made, among others, to be performed this month, I did go to my office, and there fell on entering, out of a bye-book, part of my second journall-book, which hath lain these two years and more unentered. Upon this work till dinner, and after dinner to it again till night, and then home to supper, and after supper to read a lecture to my wife upon the globes, and so to prayers and to bed. This evening also I drew up a rough draught of my last will to my mind.

in bed
desirous to perform
we perform

entering a book
I read a rough draft of my mind

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Sunday 24 January 1663/64.

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