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“You don’t have to understand
your hunger in order to feel it.”
~ Virgo, September 2017

Madame Clairvoyant wants you to know you can move
through the world trusting your bright inner compass,

the needle that flickers toward the faintest shadow
of north even as the tide’s hungry mouth eats up

your shallow footprints, almost as soon as you’ve
left them on the shore. You try to communicate

your intentions as clearly as possible, a skill
absolutely necessary especially when you’re giving

instructions or trying to suggest some course of action
to someone else. The problem is, often the question

bears little resemblance to the answer it seeks;
and in the same manner, often we don’t know what

we think we’re looking for until we find it. Madame
Clairvoyant seems to say we’re already as wise

as the sage we didn’t have to travel too long to find.
It shows in the annoying habit of asking for advice

then going ahead to do what one was planning to do
anyway. In any case, the blue door is chosen, not

the red. The animals are fed in disregard of the warning.
When commentary goes around the room, there’s always

that one kid who looks you in the eye and says
the work is perfect and he never revises, ever.

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