Mother of the latest victim

Up and at the office both forenoon and afternoon very busy, and with great pleasure in being so. This morning Mrs. Lane (now Martin) like a foolish woman, came to the Horseshoe hard by, and sent for me while I was at the office to come to speak with her by a note sealed up, I know to get me to do something for her husband, but I sent her an answer that I would see her at Westminster, and so I did not go, and she went away, poor soul.
At night home to supper, weary, and my eyes sore with writing and reading, and to bed.
We go now on with great vigour in preparing against the Dutch, who, they say, will now fall upon us without doubt upon this high newes come of our beating them so, wholly in Guinny.

noon like a hard note
sealed up in her soul

ear sore with the news
beating in

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Saturday 1 October 1664.

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