human resources

“…we touch and see
how they speak of us
our hands” ~ D. Bonta

say it was
a pleasure
to serve to be
of service
thank you and do
come back again

it was
a pleasure
to lay
brick and
mortar to make
and remake yours
and a hundred
beds to empty
the bins
of rubbers half-
filled with dead
mixes of your
future seed
to take
the limp
hair out
of the drain
to harvest
the grape
and the grain

when you
take us away
who will do
these things
you commend us
for obviously
taking such
pleasure in
doing so much
for so little
for not
much more

you want the job
$7.00 an hour
bottom line
you want it or
you don’t want it
you get sick
or pregnant
or die
i give it
to someone else
my pleasure
hundreds of
contracts a day

repeat after
me it was
a pleasure
to serve
to serve
to serve


In response to Via Negativa: Eros.

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