Up, and to the office all the morning. At noon to the ‘Change, where very hot, people’s proposal of the City giving the King another ship for “The London,” that is lately blown up, which would be very handsome, and if well managed, might be done; but I fear if it be put into ill hands, or that the courtiers do solicit it, it will never be done.
Home to dinner, and thence to the Committee of Tangier at White Hall, where my Lord Barkely and Craven and others; but, Lord! to see how superficially things are done in the business of the Lottery, which will be the disgrace of the Fishery, and without profit. Home, vexed at my loss of time, and thereto my office. Late at night come the two Bellamys, formerly petty warrant Victuallers of the Navy, to take my advice about a navy debt of theirs for the compassing of which they offer a great deal of money, and the thing most just. Perhaps I may undertake it, and get something by it, which will be a good job. So home late to bed.

in the city lately blown up
we fear the never-done raven

how superficial a fisher
without loss or compass
the thing just may get by

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Friday 10 March 1665.

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