Stuck in the past

…Lord’s day, in the morning writing letters to the fleete and elsewhere, and my mind eased of much business, home to bed and slept till 8. So up, and this day is brought home one of my new silk suits, the plain one, but very rich camelott and noble. I tried it and it pleases me, but did not wear it, being I would not go out today to church. So laid it by, and my mind changed, thinking to go see my Lady Sandwich, and I did go a little way, but stopped and returned home to dinner, after dinner up to my chamber to settle my Tangier accounts, and then to my office, there to do the like with other papers. In the evening home to supper and to bed.

writing letters to her
I slept on silk
and would not go out

my mind turned to amber
like the evening

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Sunday 21 May 1665.

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  1. Hi Dave I am absolutely delighted to have come across you again via Clive Jenkins blog. This happened because I undertook a visit to my so called “Reading List” on WordPress. This I say because I have not visited this ‘list’. since about 3 or 4 years ago. There are many blogs websites on this list and hardly any of them actually send me emails with notification that a new post has been created at said website. I sure hope that your website WILL DO THIS.
    For example these erasure traces you elicit from the diary of Samuel Pepys ……………
    this one above in particular…….its just gorgeous…put simply…I love it.

    Speaking of writing poetry I made a second edition of artists books a few years back and in that I wrote some text of a poetic nature………..that I truly “wrung out” of myself…………..

    Sadly the books never went anywhere ……..anyway. lovely to hook up again…… very best wishes
    AND I shall email you if I do manage to get an email when your next post occurs.


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