General Methods in the Non-Ritual Slaughter of Animals

1. Stunning

Not as in your feet look beautiful in those
calfskin pumps; not as in what a beautiful arc

he threw with that football made from pigskin
or vulcanized rubber. It’s cold in the vaults

where undocumented workers are taught
methods for rendering the animal unconscious

before the actual killing. This is the first
step, so flesh and sinew are more relaxed.

Relaxed, meaning unguarded. Or taken without
warning, by surprise. After that, the knives

and saws can go to work: cavities turned
inside out, every last bit numbered.


“…So far, it has been the workers who have borne all the consequences of the employer’s violations. ICE could have decided to audit this employer, and forced him to pay fines and correct his practices. Instead they conducted a raid that left over 160 children without a parent from one day to the next.

No charges have been filed against the company.” ~ “ICE Came for a Tennessee Town’s Immigrants. The Town Fought Back.”

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