For why would anyone willingly go toward something in order to die

Some people believe the average
person swallows at least eight
spiders a year— or is it
a lifetime— while they

are sleeping. I wonder
what hour of the night, what
month of the year the eight-
legged visitor chooses;

and what kind of quest it’s bent
on completing that ends in gaining
entrance to the cave of the mouth,
scampering down the narrow

tunnel of the throat to finally
arrive at the wet, humid bog
that is the average person’s
stomach. Scientific

American says A sleeping
person isn’t something a spider
would willingly approach

Still, who are we to think

we’re the only creatures
capable of turning our faces
toward a Mecca or oasis, leaving
everything we know of our old

existence behind in order
to undertake the journey of
a lifetime? Those are the kinds
of goals that ask for everything

we can give; and isn’t it true?
How often we prayed for something
larger than ourselves to burn us,
take us in, change us completely.

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