Manifest Destiny (Infinite Loop)

~ erasure poem based on The First Voyage Round the World
Antonio Pigafetta, 1874


                   arose this custom in this place of eating
the enemies of each other

                                 ; they eat him bi by bit,
                       they cut him up into pieces,

                                                          and eat it
              in memory of their enemies.

           These kind of people                                  are not
very black, but rather brown

      and there are           an infinite number of parrots

                                         . There are also           pigs
which have their navel on the back

                                          but their
wives they would not give up for anything in the world.

It is to be known                         it had not rained for two months
before we came           , and the day            we arrived it began to rain, on
which account the people                    said                  we came from

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