And Honey

As in Land of, or half 
the name my people gave this
place when they imagined

how it would feel to arrive
at a destination different from
one ordained at birth—

It's easy to admire those who have no
difficulty securing passage, easing
into a tongue practiced in schools

with toilets and running water. It's easy
to shame those who believed the lies, who sold
the family farm, the water buffalo, the agate

beads and heirloom jars. Those who traded
two seasons for four, one leafed in russet and
gold as vegetation entered into a long quietus

they came to understand didn't necessarily mean
death. Apples redden and fall in a hundred orchards,
and bees propel themselves into a riot of flowers.

All that must be gathered is nearly level with
the earth, and requires a bending. All I'm saying
is some don't need to think twice, dipping the spoon

into the sweet. Some walk the rows long after sun-
down, or lower the netting over their faces before
counting the jars and hefting crates onto trucks.

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