Home Remedies for Intermittent Sadness

Drain the dish rack and carefully check
if the corners have hints of mildew.
Take an old toothbrush and gently scrub
with water and soap, without judgment.
Turn it on its side or upside down.
If you have a deck chair maybe put it
out there to dry in the sun. Think
about the next little overlooked
spots that might have suffered from
an accumulation or buildup of residue
over the months, maybe years. Pick one
or two or three that can be dealt with,
without too much agonizing— For instance,
this would leave out the bottom and sides
of the toaster; having such a poor
design to begin with, those interiors
are virtually impossible to reach.
And the removable plastic guard
at the bottom of the refrigerator,
because it is only the gateway
to a winding corridor of lint—you
can't really tell how far back
it goes. Review the YouTube video
where a woman explains the magic
of folding fitted sheets flat. Now
take out your sheets from the linen closet
and follow, finishing with almost knife-
sharp edges. Even butter knife is good.

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