Up, and with Sir W. Batten and Sir W. Pen to St. James’s by water, and there did our usual business with the Duke of Yorke. Thence I to Westminster, and there, spoke with Michell and Howlett, who tell me how their poor young ones are going to Shadwell’s. The latter told me of the unkindness of the young man to his wife, which is now over, and I have promised to appear a counsellor to him. I am glad she is like to be so near us again. Thence to Martin, and there did ‘tout ce que je voudrais avec’ her, and drank, and away by water home and to dinner, Balty and his wife there. After dinner I took him down with me to Deptford, and there by the Bezan loaded above half my goods and sent them away. So we back home, and then I found occasion to return in the dark and to Bagwell, and there nudo in lecto con ella did do all that I desired, but though I did intend para aver demorado con ella toda la night, yet when I had done ce que je voudrais, I did hate both ella and la cosa; and taking occasion from the uncertainty of su marido’s return esta noche, did me levar; and so away home late to Sir W. Pen‘s (Balty and his wife lying at my house), and there in the same simple humour I found Sir W. Pen, and so late to bed.

who are you now

I am above in the dark
a red pen

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Wednesday 12 September 1666.

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