New Moon

They've found a new moon 
the size of a car, which
for the last three years
has been orbiting the Earth.
It could be a piece of our
moon, shorn off by some kind
of impact; more likely, it's
an asteroid randomly traveling
through space, that got
ensnared by Earth's gravity
and in that moment became
a moon
. What does it mean
anyway, to be in relation
to another? A mother gives
birth to her young then licks
the vernix off them. She may
eat the afterbirth as well,
if that means protecting them
from predators drawn by the smell
of blood. Did this newly
discovered satellite winding
disheveled loops that look
like yarn choose to attach itself
within our orbit, the way
we speak today of chosen
rather than birth family?
Sometimes it feels like we are all
just bodies drifting in space,
the rise and fall of our breath
silent as the words we
long so much to say but can't
for fear the damages we've
inflicted on each other have made
a ruin of the universe.
How will this new moon stay
on this wobbly track, how
long before it slides off course,
blinking in faint goodbye?

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