Calling the docket

It is easy to say such              & such a person 
never took care of us              when that person
has been away for years         in the land of milk

& money

It is easy to say we          did what we could when
by that is meant     we slept under another's roof &
through mutual            avoidance of confrontation
skirted the subjects          
                                of rent & obligation

How is the story                supposed to continue
perennially stuck          in games of power & water
shortage                            Spiders & snakes 

& people keep turning up in rooms   with no business
being there
                       Who is the child of the child 

or the mother                         or brother who
wrought the most ruin             Took until no more 
could be taken
                       There are cracks in the walls
& the floorboards        like a mouth of loose teeth

Everyone they say                        has a price
Name it                                 Just name it 
Just name it 

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