How is Truth

How is truth truth
  That is Capital 
T truth while 
  at the same time 
the particular truth
  you carry in your 
heart Truth like a lamp 
  whose wick you keep
trimmed in order for it 
  not to go out truth &
It seems only you 
  know your truth to be 
true despite what others
  believe to the contrary
& They believe they have
  truth wrapped around
their little finger
  Ring with a special
initial to flash in the sun
  In public along with a gun
In the face of anyone
  who'd dare to contest
what they call this god-
  given truth How dare 
you question their right 
  to uphold Question their 
right to believe a world
  where it's easier to look
at the fair While the truth
  of the matter's carried
away in trucks & buried
  in mass graves everywhere  

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