You Are Looking for a Word to Describe the Body and its Purpose

It is raining again, the way rain
falls as though it can't or won't 
stop raining. The cold enters 
through your heels from the floor
and works its way up your thighs and elbows 
until it burrows into the spine, the heart. 
You've spent nearly a lifetime trying
to understand this helpless 
and fickle human nature, how it desires
what glistens with significance
in more languages than you could master.
And who were your first teachers? 
Who told you that books could give us 
the answers? Even the hero's mother
kept telling him the story of moths
who'd batter themselves against lantern
light, and still not learn the lesson—
The way the bound body forces itself
to turn and face the volley from 
a firing squad instead of surrendering
without protest to oblivion. 

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