Can't remember where  
I read that if you shuck 
corn and boil it in milk and
melted butter instead of water,
it'll taste even more of summer;
or where I learned how to use
the bed of a dustpan to channel 
water into a pail that won't  
fit in the sink. An ex-nun  
told me that pressing a piece
of invisible tape across the top
edge of the door and its frame 
could help you tell if someone 
had entered your apartment while
you were away; and students
once taught me Doritos are a great 
substitute for kindling. It's said
that if you squint just a little bit 
when taking pictures, your smile
looks so much more genuine. But try
as I might I can't find the short-
cut to clear on any board game; 
can't figure out what to pour 
into a shot glass for courage, 
for mercy, for ease of heart.  

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