Short Essay on Solitude

Dear fledgling self that's left
the homestead, I used to be content
in another's comforting shadow: 
gladly took dictation, carried 
a typewriter from office to home 
and back, fine with cleaning up 
before and after. But someone 
was always saying Speak up 
or Speak louder; Hurry or
Make more friends. Aristotle
once said whoever has no need
to live in society because he
is sufficient for himself
must be either a beast
or a god. What does it mean
that there are some people
who believe they are a cow 
(there's actually a name 
for it: Boanthropy)? Others
believe they're the one
everyone's been waiting for;
they're usually quick
to do things like explain 
your own culture to you, 
or say What's a pretty 
little thing like you 
doing in a joint like this?
Outside in the field, flies
buzz in the heat. Nothing
moves; only an occasional
ripple through grass and
the sharp flick of a tail.  


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