An Instant

Do you have bucket list items you haven't yet
been able to check off in this life? For instance,

a dream of jumping out of a plane & yanking
on a string so the silk blooms open in that instant; 

you float more than half-spin, arms outstretched—
everything becomes both close & far away in an instant.

Perhaps, once, you wanted to sell your worldly possessions,
join the navy or the monastery. It comes to you in an instant

that the life you're living is a fixed menu: Monday thru
Friday specials on repeat, its soups & coffees instant.

Weekends for washing & errands: pointing at meat the butcher wraps,
then digging out weeds. Do you just coast & not live in the instant

anymore? At a famous museum you're made to put polypropylene covers 
on your shoes: long lines to a gold room passed through in an instant.    


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