Pre-Election Blues: A Double Abecedarian

  Zeitgeist, meaning the spirit of the times; & I just learned of acedia:
yawning hunger, listlessness in isolation; anxiety no one can plumb. 
  Xylem whose tracheary elements are blocked, or transport only toxic        
water. One gets up in the morning to open virtual windows. Home-bound,
  vicarious life: pining for the company of one's fellows, the ache
under one's ribcage grows. How to mute or soften the awful feeling of
  terror? All the mercenaries & charlatans in the world abetting          
sabotage, disrupting both comity and law. Ruth's vacant bench,         
  raided before it cooled: a dubious successor installed via alibi.
Quash & obstruct, disrupt & discombobulate. He acts like he's some raj.
  Pure pompous fuckery, bluster & brag. Promises & "plans" full of bunk.
Oligarchs, practically: given an inch, they'll stretch it to abysmal.      
  Notch by notch, fault lines deepen; explosions in the exotherm.          
Madman, bogeyman, tyrant at the helm— more than a lack of acumen: 
  laminary & mofo, high muckety-muck; kingpin of fakery, evil impresario.   
Kindness, we remind ourselves. Keep faith, soon we could be on the cusp.
  Jumpy week: hate the news, but can't stay away from it. Take a tranq,        
imagine the worst or the best outcome. Truly, this has been a year:       
  hateful isolation, murderous climate; a plague unchecked, soaring deaths.
Give me some plausible purpose for all of this heart-rending cost.     
  Feather me in quilts, fever & chill me instead with just the ordinary flu.
End the grim carnival. Let there be cheers: alívio, salamat sa Diyos, mazel tov,
  dancing in the streets. A future when we rend the garments of sorrow.
Chimera of incongruous parts no longer grotesque, demos detox—
  ballots accounted for & documented, delivered clean from chicanery.  
All hangs in the perilous balance. Dead serious: don't read this as schmaltz.       

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