Laws of Attraction

We are playing that game of yes we are
anticipating a future but not really;
we are trying to pretend 
                     not to care
so we don't have to admit how terrified 
we are. But we do and we are and I know 
I do care about the kind of change 
that doesn't spell
          more failure or sickness or
repetition. I mean I want to know, 
for instance, if the bees swarming 
around the hive sting 
          out of pure fury and not 
just as intervention to the damage 
we do and say we'll repair but never 
                   do. There are bees,
you know, adapting to new conditions;
they've learned to forage in darkness. 
I want you
          to imagine the scent of angels'
trumpets and queens of night; imagine
fumbling blind in the bush for the lever 
that floods the streams
or the gears to shift 
           from moonless sky to lit window. 
Imagine animals brushing against you and not 
startling, your pupils brightening 
to let in their light. And you, finally
       weightless, not running away. 


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