Asleep ::

meaning grass remains clipped
without need of shearing; and weeds
temporarily cease their program
of rapid military advance. 
                   Farther north,
fish swim closer to the bottom, 
away from newly bulletproofed windows 
of ice. Larger animals begin to cut 
their breathing 
                and heart rate. 
A ceiling of hibernating bats 
can go up to an hour without 
taking one breath.
                    But in bed at night,
unable to fall asleep, the anxious mind
continues to spin from the horrors of 
the day: a mob
                   battering down doors 
with their hate; prelates of government 
flaunting their contempt  
                         for the law.
Science tells us there's the merest pause 
before the brain sends warning signals to 
the adrenal glands. 
                    Then it wakes
every sleeping cell to present danger.
Meaning it becomes impossible
to fall or remain asleep.

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