Self Portrait, with Memory of Lost Child

There was the one lost shortly after being discovered; 
it was the year a man smashed his SUV into the front 
of a St. Paul Planned Parenthood office, on the 36th 

anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Not there, but in Virginia 
later that spring, she found herself waiting to be examined. 
The doctor remarked on how all the women that morning 

seemed "of a certain age,"in that time when the body starts 
playing tricks on you. She was sent home to wait another week; 
too early. Then that weekend, in the shower, a dark red memento

slipped with hardly a spasm from between her thighs onto wet 
tile. Perhaps her body was no longer a structure with strong 
beams or working viaducts. Perhaps a wound

is better left alone. Perhaps another body orbiting in space
blinked faintly before deciding to go its own inscrutable way.

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