Theory and Praxis

(a cento)

You, you are a factory
above the waves, those lost years I drifted
Let me explain how nothing ever changes—the scenery, sure

More and more now I do things alone—
I keep a spur under my pillow to ward off nightmares.

You will find me, God
furnace child, goblin child, pulse 
god of multiple tongues all sacred lick me

In some prisons, you can't have a last cigarette, but Valium is permitted.
There was a gate and we walked through

there's no unenduring it.

[Source texts:
Sally Wen Mao, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Hieu Minh Nguyễn, 
Richard Jones, Eduardo Corral, Ilya Kaminsky, Ilyse Kusnetz, 
Kazim Ali, C.D. Wright, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Catherine Barnett]

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