Up, and at the office all the morning, at noon dined at home, and thence took Mrs. Turner out and carried her to the King’s house, and sawThe Indian Emperour;” and after that done, took Knepp out, and to Kensington; and there walked in the garden, and then supped, and mighty merry, there being also in the house Sir Philip Howard, and some company, and had a dear reckoning, but merry, and away, it being quite night, home, and dark, about 9 o’clock or more, and in my coming had the opportunity the first time in my life to be bold with Knepp by putting my hand abaxo de her coats and tocar su thighs and venter — and a little of the other thing, ella but a little opposing me; su skin very douce and I mightily pleased with this; and so left her at home, and so Mrs. Turner and I home to my letters and to bed.
Here hear how Sir W. Pen’s impeachment was read, and agreed to, in the House this day, and ordered to be engrossed; and he suspended the House; Harman set at liberty; and Brouncker put out of the House, and a writ for a new election, and an impeachment ordered to be brought in against him, he being fled!

I saw the Indian
in the garden

dark with coats
of opposing skin

and I with my pen’s red

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Tuesday 21 April 1668

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