Giving In

It's the little voice
that starts to speak
in imperatives, while gesturing
at the clock. It's the random
post that stops you and makes 
you laugh: take all the naps, eat 
all the snacks— Of course, 
what timely wisdom! 
When you swing into 
the parking lot at Four Seasons, 
right after the dentist scrapes
through a COVID year's 
worth of tartar buildup,
aren't there shelves of White 
Rabbit candy and Flat Tops, 
Haw Flakes and champoy
brightly puckering hello 
like old friends? Grab
a crinkly packet of pork 
floss that looks like wiry 
shavings; they'll bring a hot 
bowl of congee to life. 
Tart green mangos, shrimp
paste. Later, you can plunge
a whole hand into a bowl
of jackfruit,  while reading 
a book—each of the yellow-
gold pieces are really  
flowers growing like you
toward their own desire.

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