(Lord’s day). My wife and I lay long, with mighty content; and so rose, and she spent the whole day making herself clean, after four or five weeks being in continued dirt; and I knocking up nails, and making little settlements in my house, till noon, and then eat a bit of meat in the kitchen, I all alone. And so to the Office, to set down my journall, for some days leaving it imperfect, the matter being mighty grievous to me, and my mind, from the nature of it; and so in, to solace myself with my wife, whom I got to read to me, and so W. Hewer and the boy; and so, after supper, to bed.
This day my boy’s livery is come home, the first I ever had, of greene, lined with red; and it likes me well enough.

with clean nails
making a bit of meat
in the kitchen
all alone

I set down my days
perfect from nature
and got my first
red likes

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Sunday 22 November 1668.

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