Another poem with the same admonition from Lorca

I know, Federico, I know—
Do not carry your remembrance.
But that's what pockets are for,
and I own many articles of clothing
with pockets. It's like how salt
goes with pepper, coffee
with a little milk; ginger 
in a bowl of broth. Not only 
do I have to ask myself Where 
were you and what were you doing 
this same time another year?
I also have to ask What 
did your heart feel? And once 
we start down that road, Federico, 
there's no telling what other
kinds of remembrance we'll find. 
This isn't about wallet-sized
photographs with inscriptions
on the back. Rememorari: to recall, 
to bring again that thing which 
has always existed in the memory.
How you were pushed or how 
the ground felt against your back.  
How a sudden downpour saved you.

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