Novena for the Pandemic

Our Lady of the pleated blue masks with two
loops thinner than hair ties. Our Lady of the wire-
threaded middle edge of K95s recommended 

for travel— Our Lady of the long-handled 
cotton swab, the rapid test and antibody 
test. Our Lady of online grocery 

shoppers and food delivery drivers who set 
your poke bowl and boba on the wobbly front 
step— In the world, some governments 

lift restrictions and cruise ships are impatient 
for summer. Our Lady of panic and illusions, chronic 
tiredness, brain fog, insomnia, and cardiac 

infarctions. Our Lady of lumpy 
chair cushions, portable ring lights, 
and unstable internet connections— 

We are as fish caught in a cloudy 
aquarium waiting for algae scrapers, 
water siphons, lime and bleach cleaners— 

Our Lady of the virtual lament, electronic 
embrace, mediated job interview, meeting, 
or funeral— In some part of the world 

pink blossoms have opened to spring 
and in another, a pink wave of protesters 
fills actual streets. Our Lady of ICUs

and statistics. Our Lady of terrible risks.
Our Lady of wars and climate injustice
in the throb of an ongoing epidemic. 

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