Wordle on Wanting to be Seen

I got (and wrote to) this fun prompt from my former 
student, the excellent poet Lucian Mattison; looks like he's 
enjoying word games on his phone. 
Here are the instructions—

1) Do the day's Wordle
2) Based on the progression of guesses you used to arrive
 at the correct word (or not arrive), use those words in the order 
guessed as end words or beginning words of a line.
3) No line-length limits

Do you know what it's like to feel as if you have on a cloak

               of invisibility? No matter what perch or angle

you occupy on the grid of the domestic daily,

               your attempts to breach it just lead to  a stall,

a stutter, another version of feeling small. 

               You try other verbs: now, not later; will, not shall.

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