Dramatic Theory

We do not know how this narrative
will end, or if there will be resolution.

The characters have remained the same,
though sometimes you think they've shifted.

There is quickening and instinct, reasonable
development; and there is foolish meandering.

There is furtiveness and lingering in the woods
or in dark, forbidden places. There are hands

raised mid-swing to the tune of foot-
stomping; hands raised in protest, or 

claw-like and scrabbling. Someone 
is exiled or banished, and someone is 

always trying to return. Someone's heart 
is always breaking, or always on the verge.

3 Replies to “Dramatic Theory”

  1. That’s the good thing about the “Dramatic Theory.” You really never can tell how it’s going to end. I think if I could have known the future about some things, it would have been unbearable. My heart has been broken. But it seems to be more resilient than I first thought, because here I am, out in the world and moving forward.

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