“Elephants Call Each Other by Name, Study Finds”

Who's been a parent and, from years
of raising children, has not sometimes
addressed their partner mom or dad?
I don't mean intentionally, like the former
Vice President who calls his wife
Mother in public, and reportedly never
eats dinner alone with any woman
other than Karen (his wife).

I mean, doesn't hearing
the sound of your name in your ear, said
by your beloved, make the phone a richly
carpeted corridor in a hotel lined with moss-
colored wallpaper? Outside the balcony
doors, the wind touches every ancient
magnolia tree along the avenue
as if it knew them,

which it does. Owls
signal through the night; frogs submerge
their bodies in water to amplify the sound
from their throats. Elephants call each
other by name, and humpback whales
weave intricate messages of song
through the deep.

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