1. You bet. Since you didn’t actually get around to submitting, I had to select one of your Tree Year posts myself. That’s what happens, you see.

  1. Great work, Dave. When one of my grandkids (the 3-year-old Louis) saw your blog pictures (over my shoulder), he said: Abuelo, is Mr. Dave a tree hugger? Oui, Louis. Just like grandpere. Why? He asked. He is a poet, I muttered. Cheers. (Will prepare for “Beyond the Brambles”)

    1. Heh. In point of fact, though, I don’t generally hug trees myself. It always strikes me as a bit too forward. How do I know they want to be hugged?

  2. Very nice. I was busy with travels this month but hopefully I’ll have something of my own to submit next time around.

    1. I hope so! (But every blogger needs a break once in a while.)

  3. Great work Dave, I love what you’re doing. But just for the record: I know full well that trees are not a family in the modern reductionist nomenclatural world – but they are AS family amongst plants in a feeling kind of way. I’m hip with science, but sometimes a word like ‘family’ has more important uses :-) Gee, there are some great posts here to browse!

    1. Oh, O.K. I’ll take that comment out then! I should’ve asked you about it, but I was in a hurry. (Reductionism is a powerful tool, though. I think we can be poets and still respect science for all the counter-intuitive things it’s discovered.)

  4. I saw this and was thinking how enticing the Festival of the Trees always is and how I really should have sent you a link to a poem–and then found my West Chester trees! Surprise.

    Thanks for thinking of me…

    1. Yes, I thought about trying to find a poem on your blog, but didn’t have the time. OTOH, this edition was already pretty well stocked with poems! The Palace was one of just three blogs I took the time to go link-hunting on, knowing that I’d find something treeish quite quickly.

      1. Amusing. Yes, I have a wide tree streak. And I suppose anybody who writes a novel set in trees is doomed to be dryadic.

  5. Parmanu

    What a great collection, Dave!

    I’ve made a note to participate in the next edition of this carnival.

  6. I really do love these festivals. I find new authors and appreciate the known ones more. As for being “more sociable,” should there be an anniversary year regional FOTT meet-up?

    1. Hey, that’s a good idea! We should at least start a proper Facebook page so we could plan such a thing…

  7. Carnivalia — 6/29 – 7/05 | Sorting out Science

  8. Your essay, a tour de force, Dave. I have now finally read from beginning to end, and it’s a virtuoso performance, the 5th year celebration of Festival of the Trees. I certainly appreciated that I didn’t have to leave your post to get the gist of each submission, and that you included some of the poem, or image, or a summary of each of the posts linked to. Of course, there’s a huge number of posts now to explore, so I’ll bookmark and browse at a leisurely pace in the in between on-line moments. Thanks for pulling everything together into a great read!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Brenda. I’m glad you like this style of presentation because it is also, for me, the easiest way to put it together. (I can’t help wondering whether I & the Bird might not have run out of steam if they hadn’t had such a tradition of highly creative editions.) Have fun following all the links!

      1. Not sure if you noticed or not, Dave, but it was the style and tactic I chose in my recent FOTT. Due to time constraints, and many other factors, I feel that a reader shouldn’t have to leave the page to get the gist of that editor’s submissions. Therefore, I included direct quotes from all submissions, whole poems, and embedded all videos, with lots of links, credits, of course. So, liking the ‘style of presentation,’ well, obviously yes. (No I won’t ask, but do wonder… scratches head just a little.) :):)

  9. I’ve been a bit of a recluse these last few months, but am going to make up for it by reading through past editions over the weekend and ‘blogializing’.. it is a long weekend here in India.

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