1. Dave, that’s a lovely, thoughtful “blurb”–much better than the name “blurb” suggests! I look forward to a Mole-in-Covers. And I like the video as well. What a cunning little mole! Love the way the two “shelters” of poem and mole intersect.

  2. This is completely enchanting, in a laid-back, sophisticated way that is never naive but never cynical either – how lucky I feel to know both the genius poet and the genius video artist!

  3. Starring Dale Favier. And not before time!

  4. Wow, thank you so much! I really do feel that I owe the pleasures of exchanging poetry — the most unexpected new pleasure of my middle age — primarily to you.

    And what a wonderful video! Crows are clearly a wish-fulfillment totem: my real one is this blind, vulnerable, scurrying fellow :-)

    Thanks again.

  5. Dale is the only poet and prose stylist alive that I associate — in sensuality, spirit, and subject matter — with John Donne, one of my favorite dead poets. I can’t wait for this volume.

    Delightful to have his words in your voice and juxtaposed with the mole. It’s fun how the poem and the video scene pans out at the end to encompass more.

    And I can’t think of a video that would more fully help me visualize the wonderful line, “this little blind of the body.”

  6. How wonderful! I have never seen a mole in its entirety or read this poet’s work. A fitting and fine introduction to both. I love your cleverness, Dave, to think of braiding these strands into such a whole.

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