This is not a test

I have always resented serious personality tests and laughed off the not-so-serious ones. Why would anyone want to put themselves in a box like that? And in the same vein I have been extremely intolerant of astrology.

So you can imagine my consternation upon discovering this description of my birth sign, which comes closer to describing my inner motivations and temptations than anything I’ve ever seen. Joe at The Soulful Blogger writes,

“Pisces is linked to the archetypes of the mystic, the poet, and the dreamer. It is the sign most closely connected with all that dissolves the ego’s false sense of being ‘real.’ Its goal is the realization that what is most real is not the self or the world that we usually take to be real, but reality is inextricably linked to consciousness itself. Pisces aims for the realization of a universal oneness.

“The shadows of Pisces are numerous, for the higher that consciousness climbs, the greater the potential for destruction. Pisces aims to dissolve the ego through transcendental awareness, yet if the individual is not ready for these lessons of awareness, then the self may be dissolved through other means. Pisces is connected with escapism and all manner of destructive addictions. Pisces is also linked to delusion, flights of fantasy, pointless daydreaming, self-sacrificing martyrdom, and a tendency to become unhealthily unmeshed in drama and chaos.”

Yep, that’s me. Sheesh.

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