Exciting new ways to access the same old brain-farts

1. Blog title index

If you want to find an old post more quickly, or simply browse more easily through the archives, you might find this new feature useful. Scroll down the sidebar; it’s right after “Restless natives.” Each title is of course a clickable link; this is similar to the “most recently posted” feature found in many blogs, and indeed will work that way for the index page, which, as you’ve probably noticed, is set to display one week at a time.

I’m sure you more tech-savvy types are snickering at me right now, but I am totally psyched by this new discovery! However, I realize it is no substitute for a real subject index. You can always use Google (put search term(s) plus http://neithernor.blogspot.com into the search window), but I’ve found that that doesn’t always work – apparently I have too many words and not enough links, or something.

Can anyone tell me whether it’s possible to install indexing by categories in Blogger (without upgrading to a paying version)?

2. Burning for you

I’ve also “burned a new feed”: that is, I’ve signed up for a new syndication service, which will supposedly convert the existing Atom feed to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) automatically, if needed; give feeds a uniquely browser-friendly appearance; and even optimize the feed on your “handheld wireless device” – a phrase I can’t still say without smirking. All this is free, through a new company called Feedburner.com. The URL is http://feeds.feedburner.com/ViaNegativa.

I’ve also added a little button (in the Tomb of the Unknown Reader section of the sidebar) whereby one can get each new Via Negativa post magically beamed up to one’s “My Yahoo!” page. Pretty special, eh?

Does anyone out there even read this blog in syndication? If so, were these changes useful to you? I am way out of my freakin’ depth here . . . just doing a slow backstroke and gazing up at the sky, wondering why everything seems so quiet all of a sudden.

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  1. Well crap, that’s why I couldn’t register “vianegativa” with Feedburner last month, and had to go with “vianegativaus” instead: I had registered it myself, way back when this was still on Blogger! Geez, I wish I’d remembered that. I probably even have the old password floating around somewhere…

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