I need help. More to the point, Via Negativa needs help. It just doesn’t look as good as it could or should. The problem is, I’m too bleeping lazy to knuckle down and learn the HTML necessary to improve it.

And why should I bother? Other people already have those skills.

So basically I’m just appealing to those of you who know how to do this crap to give me a helping hand. In return, I can write you a poem and publish it here. And/or include a permanent link to your site (or charity of your choice) in the Tomb of the Unknown Reader. Hell, I could even send money. Or pieces of bark and old pine cones. Whatever you want. Name your price.

I have pretty definite ideas of what I want – nothing fancy – and have even come up with the background for a new banner. So we’re not talking about a whole lot of work here, I don’t think. If you’re interested, please e-mail me: bontasaurus at yahoo. Thanks.

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