The shortest sabbatical in history

The blogging world is rife with sudden disappearances and unexplained hiatuses. So it was nice to get a “goodbye” message from Beth at Switched at Birth the other day – and even nicer to have her return from her “sabbatical” in just three days! Despite the devastation wrought by Ivan, she writes,

The beauty is back. It never went away, only temporarily my ability to see it. The brokenness is all I could see.

My words dried up.

It rained yesterday, settling the dust and settling my spirit. . . .

It occurs to me that many if not most of my favorite bloggers are engaged in similar acts of courageous seeing, of making-whole, of counter-creation, as the philosopher and literary critic George Steiner might say (see Real Presences). Is it possible that we are all working on different parts of the same puzzle?

Welcome back, Beth!

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