Out with the old…

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New camera, taken with the old camera.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Old camera, taken with the new camera.

The old camera is a Kodak DC220; the new camera is a FujiFilm S5200. Digital cameras made by film companies: does this make sense?

One of the many new settings on the Mode dial of the new camera is Manual. I was initially excited by this, until I discovered that it did not mean that I could search the owner’s manual in the LCD window, and thus avoid actually reading it.

I haven’t figured out some of the icons yet. For example, one of the settings uses the symbol of Islam – a crescent moon with a star. I’m guessing that this is for night-time shots, but I’m almost afraid to try it. Another shows a head and upper torso with two ripples on either side of it – the way they depict fear or cold in the cartoons. Clearly, this is an instrument to be approached with some caution.

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